How to Use this internet Package

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy for users by sending notifications via message to Android and iOS users. The most important thing about this policy is that if the WhatsApp user does not accept the new policy, it is possible for WhatsApp to lose its account. What is new and important in the new … Read more

Liston another Person Calls in your Phones

In many parts of the world, talking on a cell phone while driving is prohibited, but traffic police are often unaware that the driver is using a file. Work is underway in the UK on a system that warns drivers if they use a mobile phone while driving. The system is now being used experimentally … Read more

New Best Feature in your Smartphone

WhatsApp wants to bring some features in the new update, which will allow users to manage their existing content, such as documents and files in WhatsApp. According to Append Pandit; WhatsApp wants to offer iPhone and Android users an innovation in its latest update, which means that the content coming through WhatsApp will not be … Read more

Recover Phone Date very Easly ; New facilities have been added to Telegram

According to reports; Telegram’s voice chat capabilities are very similar to the Discord voice channel channel, and voice chat facilities are now enabled for the chat group admin in Telegram. Once this feature is activated, chat group members can turn on or off voice chat whenever they want. The Telegram Edit section has also been … Read more