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Most people start their day with a glass of coffee to get the energy they need. Others use coffee for relaxation, in addition, some research has shown that excessive caffeine consumption is harmful to the body and mind. In this line you will get acquainted with six types of foods that will help you to start your day with more energy.

Apple and banana juice:

Apples and bananas provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals for the body and contain natural sugars that provide more energy for the body! Bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins which are considered to be the best source of health and stability for the body and brain. Apples are also an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C.
– Materials required for preparation:

Half an apple without the skin
Two bananas
ـ 1.4 cup milk without water
ـ Half a glass of crushed ice
Method of preparation: Put all the above ingredients in a mixer to dissolve well and drink cold.

Water and lemon juice.

In addition to good digestion, water and lemon help in eliminating toxins stored in the body, brighten the skin, help in weight loss, increase energy and relax the body. Helps to create. Lemons also meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.
Materials required for preparation
به Water three lemons
ـ A tablespoon of Afra syrup or honey
ـ One liter of water
How to make: Mix all ingredients and enjoy.

Mint tea:
This drink is a real energy meal, along with some fresh nana, which is also accompanied by vitamin C-rich lemons.
Materials required for preparation:
ـ A glass of green tea
A glass of cold water
ډک A full glass of ice
ـ A lemon water
ـ Multiple fresh nana
How to make: First put all the ingredients in a mixer, mix well and then drink.

Apple water:

Apple water is one of the best choices to use instead of coffee. In addition to vitamins, apples are a fruit with enough natural sugars to relieve fatigue. You can use apple water to prevent fatigue and to get energy throughout the day!

Green tea:

Another healthy drink that relieves fatigue and drowsiness. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee and black tea.

Copra water:

Copra water drink is a good drink for best performance, it is a rich source of natural sugars and electrolytes that have many times more effects than coffee and black tea.


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