Farzana naz new full viral vidoe


Famous Afghan singer and actress Farzana Naz has also celebrated the New Year in Mumbai, India and congratulated her fans with new photos.

Farzana Naz, who has posted her new photos on the popular social media app, also wished her a Happy New Year.

Farzana Naz wrote in the caption with these photos, that today she closed the door of the past and opened the door of the future. “I took a deep breath and then I started a new phase of life,” he wrote.
She also wrote well before the New Year and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

In these new photos, Farzana Naz is wearing a gray dress with one sleeve in one hand and no sleeves in the other.

Based in Mumbai, India, she is also very active on social media and shares new photos and videos with her fans every day.

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