Ghizal Enayat new video with Husband

Popular Afghan female singer Ghazal Inayat, whose voice and beauty are both popular, admitted in a recent interview that she was previously married and then divorced.

In this article, you will learn about Ghazal’s personal life as well as others.
Ghazal Inayat was a guest on Yak TV’s popular entertainment show (Cactus) last Eid.

In the interview, Ghazal admitted for the first time that Inayat, who had previously been married and married.

She did not elaborate on her marriage or marriage but said she did not know what love was and did not believe it.

Ghazal Inayat also said that she was married, but then separated from her life partner.

The singer did not give further details about her love and life partner or divorce.

In answer to the question, who asked for a divorce: He also said: I made this request because now I am happy to live alone!
Money or fame?

Ghazal Inayat says that she likes this song very much:

I’m waiting for you to come

She considers herself 7 years old and says she was born in Laghman province.

In the choice of gaining money and fame likes fame and brings reason, that fame comes after the money itself.

Life in Tajikistan
Ghazal Inayat, who has spent the last three years in Tajikistan, says her fans have taken offense.

“The reason for the disappointment was not to sing with the Tajik singer Sadruddin, but also because I had a lot of makeup, costume designs, song clips, and everything was Tajik,” he said.

Not only did Ghazal disappoint Afghan fans, but Tajiks did not.

During his life there, he became so famous that even Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon listened to him and considered him a favorite singer.

What if he weren’t an artist?

Asked what he would have done if he were not an artist, Ghazal Enayat said: “I studied a little literature before the war in Kabul, but I couldn’t.”

He says he now lives in Canada and wants to read English literature instead of Dari literature.

Ghazal Inayat, who has been promoting art on Yak TV for some time, says that if it weren’t for the singers, she would be interested in becoming a TV presenter, as she is both interested and talented.

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