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Facebook-owned WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy for users by sending notifications via message to Android and iOS users.

The most important thing about this policy is that if the WhatsApp user does not accept the new policy, it is possible for WhatsApp to lose its account.

What is new and important in the new policy?

WhatsApp has made it clear to users that they will need permission before using optional features, one of which is to share location or location with another user.

The company says if someone does not disclose their location to WhatsApp they will not be able to share the location with anyone among their friends.

WhatsApp has also added changes to the new policy on how it will process user information. It also includes changes to how businesses interact with and benefit from Facebook and WhatsApp.

Regular management of user information is one of the key points in the new policy. A new section for transaction information has also been added to the new policy.

WhatsApp has also updated user contact details, meaning the company can now access more of your information, such as battery level, signal strength, application version, browser information, mobile network, mobile. Collects numbers, language, time and zone, IP address and mobile operation information. WhatsApp will also share almost all relevant information with Facebook.

This does not include your messages, photos, videos, etc. that you send to each other.

It has to be said that WhatsApp has the most active users in the world and is more secure and information secure than other apps.


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