Magical Wood Ash Paste For Teeth Whitening In 3 Minutes | 3-Minutes Teeth Whitening

The secret of every human being’s beautiful smile lies in having white teeth, which is why it is the dream of all of us to have white and flawless teeth.

To have white teeth we try every day to use toothpastes and brushes that are useful for us, to remove the remaining food between the teeth, and on the other hand to whiten our teeth as well.

Yellowing of teeth is something that most people do not like to laugh at. And it can have an effect on our flow.

Here we present a useful and easy way to whiten teeth, by doing which you can get rid of yellowing of teeth and put a smile on your face. The method is as follows:

The required items are:

2. Two glasses of water

2. Hard skin of walnuts from (1) to (3) seeds

Here’s how to make one:

Put a certain amount of hard walnut skin in two glasses of water and put it on gas or fire, boil it well for 5 minutes, and after boiling, cool it again, and cover it with a cloth. Filter it well.

The water that comes out of this filtered way. Put it in a glass, and use it well to whiten your teeth.

Here’s how to use this medicine:

The water you get from the Lu Chan Shui method. Use on your toothbrush or brush three times a day. This will allow you to brush your teeth better for up to two weeks.

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