najiba faiz wedding purpose

Famous Afghan singer Javed Amirkhail visited Pakistan a few days ago where he met Najiba Faiz.

Najiba Faiz, who left Afghanistan a few months ago and moved to Pakistan, is now working there.

Javed Amirkhail left for Pakistan a few days ago, where he was greeted by Naeem Khan Tori, a famous singer from Kozai Pakhtunkhwa.

Now Najiba Faiz has posted the photos taken with Javed Amirkhail on social media.
She posted the photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She writes with these photos, that reuniting with friends is like opening your favorite gift.
It is to be noted that Javed Amirkhail has not yet written anything from his page regarding his visit to Pakistan, what he has gone to Pakistan for.

But it seems that he may have gone there to record a new song.

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