New Best Feature in your Smartphone

WhatsApp wants to bring some features in the new update, which will allow users to manage their existing content, such as documents and files in WhatsApp.

According to Append Pandit; WhatsApp wants to offer iPhone and Android users an innovation in its latest update, which means that the content coming through WhatsApp will not be loaded on your phone’s memory nor will it be stored on your mobile phone. Fills the memory.

They want to store users’ personal files on their hard disks (computer memory) for the purpose of higher services and show users how many large and small files they have in storage.

In addition, they want to keep your conversations and chats secure in a new format that you don’t want everyone to have access to.

According to a WhatsApp spokesperson; Work on these programs is ongoing, yet a new update date has not been revealed, but a WhatsApp company spokesman has chosen to remain silent about announcing a new update date.

In March, the WhatsApp company showed its users by adding a (dark screen) or dark page, with WhatsApp company leaders also thinking about the health and eyesight of their users.
A Brief History of WhatsApp:
WhatsApp first appeared in the “App Store” and “Apple Store” with the addition of new smart phones in the 8th, making it the world’s most used app in a short period of time and replacing sms in the world. Captured and became the home of audio, video and video conversations on the Internet all over the world.

Note that having and using this app is completely free.

The creators and original owners of the WhatsApp application are two former employees of the Yahoo software company named “Brain Action” and “John Com”.

They sold the WhatsApp application to Facebook for ډال 2 billion in the 7th century.

As promised, John Com and Brain Action received څلور 4 billion in cash, and the remaining پنځ 15 billion went to shareholders in Facebook.

With the development of Facebook, they became even richer. And now these two gentlemen are among the billionaires in the world, which means that the owner of WhatsApp company is also a Facebook company.

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