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1: You are responsible for your own happiness. Most people think that the path to happiness and success is influenced by the outside world and that you do not have complete control over your future. Confield says you are one hundred percent responsible for your own success or failure. Those who blame others around them for failure are often the ones who find it difficult to find real success in life.

Find your purpose. Everyone has a purpose. The secret is to find the goal, understand it clearly, and pursue it with enthusiasm. The true path to success, according to Confield, is to know one’s purpose and to achieve it all one’s life. It is true that we can achieve the best in different areas of life, but if these areas do not align with our purpose, real happiness will be imaginary.

3: Decide what you want. Finding your purpose is a step, but it is also a big step for many people to make the decision to lead their lives in that direction. People like a place where they are comfortable. Such a decision may be frightening to make a big difference in the workplace. But wasting your time doing something that doesn’t make you happy lowers your energy and keeps you from achieving your purpose in life.

4: Make sure everything is possible. The brain can be a powerful tool in guiding you toward your particular vision. Get out of doubt and believe that you can achieve whatever you set out to do. Keep your thinking positive and the universe will listen to you.

5: Believe that this world is a good place. The paralyzing fear of failure, strong competitors, and ridicule at the time of failure can turn the most self-confident entrepreneurs into a suspicious broken human being. Start believing that the world is good, and not all people are waiting to see your failure. Take the doubts out of your mind and you will see that you become more kind, eager to help, and more eager for the positive energy that this positive energy is coming towards you.
6: Be flexible. The path to success stops problems. The most successful people get into trouble again and again, but in times of need they change.

7: Continue. Although hundreds of publishers refused to publish Jack Confield’s book, thinking it was not a good book, he continued to try. Rejection, if hundreds of times, is a positive step towards conveying a positive idea or passion to higher positions. From Jack’s point of view, the longer you wait, the more positive things happen to you.

8: Set a goal and focus. Setting a goal for yourself creates a scale on which you can judge your actions and measure your progress. It helps you make your dreams come true.

9: Take the first step. Getting started is the first step. Most people have many dreams and hobbies but all these will remain ideas without action. Taking the first step is the difference between gaining your area and sleeping.

10: Accept the risk. Attempts to acquire every new and innovative thing are accompanied by risk. It will be a very uncomfortable situation to change the life you are used to. But if you truly believe that you are uninterested in this new situation and want to work to achieve it, the risks and ambiguities will eventually disappear.

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