Rehman Best Direction Skills In Song Making

Keep your mind focused
The first way to memorize is to pay attention. So that you can better store information in memory.
We should try to clear the attention-grabbing objects around us, so that our attention is not diverted.

۲ـ Repeat more
Repetition helps us to learn better, but more important is to take definite breaks in repetition.
Think about it, how much time have you set aside for learning? Take certain breaks in certain parts of the time.
لو Read aloud
When you read aloud, information is processed in two ways. You see with your eyes and hear with your ears what you see with your eyes.
This is very important for good information processing.

2- Teaching others
Teaching others makes you more knowledgeable on the subject and increases your knowledge. Teaching is an observation that gives us the strength to put our knowledge to the test.

2. Test yourself
Self-examination shows us effective ways to speed up our sense of learning and remembering.
Test yourself every time, even if your answer is wrong, continue until you have memorized the correct answer.

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