1.  Social impacts   

The pandemic of Covid 19, which is wreaking havoc in the world, has dramatically affected the lives of people in our country.  From January 2020 to January 2021, 29 people in the country committed suicide, according to limited research by private researchers using their own resources. The figures are based on media reports, and obviously the media does not report all suicides because it is a criminal offense under Pakistani law, as many families cover it is due to the social stigma attached to it.  Choose to  Of those suicides, 16 suicides and suicide attempts were directly linked to covid 19, in which 12 people lost their lives, while four others were rescued. For instance, deaths tell the tragic story of people’s situation.  Many,such as mechanics, tailors, hairdressers, and others, have foundthemselves without work and without a client.  From homes, peopleturned down domestic help.  

2. psychological effects

         Those who believe that months of suffering and constantanxiety.  People have lost friends before their very eyes.  Others areforced to look out the window because parents or other loved onesstruggle with an illness the way it attacks in which it does not attackand only to say goodbye after the death of a close relative.  Has beensuccessful  This is a situation that has had a psychological effect allover the world.  Suicide rates are higher in many countries.In mostcases, as there is no law for these workers and they are notrepresented, no payment has been made for this period and nostipend has been given during which they stay away from work. Are  And indeed, in the current situation, it is almost impossible forpeople who work from home to find new jobs.Although thegovernment has made some efforts to prevent people from facing asituation where they had insufficient food to feed their families,many people in this country need assistance.  According topsychologists and other medical experts, increasing depression dueto lockdown is also considered a factor.

3.Economic impacts

The main reasons for this, as most of us will be able to predict, are the economic impact of the virus and the devastation caused by the loss of jobs following the lockdown and the resulting poverty that has affected households across the country.  We need to ask ourselves how the government has handled the pandemic and what it has done to save people from the kind of suffering they seem to be going through.  Further investigation is needed into the suicide rate in Pakistan.  Generally, we do not discuss any issues.  But especially in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic, it needs to be addressed.

4. Vaccination and side effects of covid 19

       There are other side effects of the virus.  It is characterized by depression and a lack of knowledge of what to do about it.  The Public Accounts Committee was recently informed by the National Institutes of Health in Islamabad that the government had no plans to buy the vaccine (although it has now said it could get a casino).  Doesn’t add any element of happiness to the scene.  .  Although vaccination efforts have begun with the use of donated vaccines, the effectiveness is currently difficult to assess. Like other countries in the world, Pakistan is in dire need of vaccines.  In Pakistan, we currently have an additional problem of people who do not want to be vaccinated and concern over the quality of Chinese vaccines is one of the factors.  

Remedial Measures during  covid  19 

    1.  Investigation for suicide rate
                 We need to ask ourselves how the government hashandled the pandemic and what it has done to save people from thekind of suffering they seem to be going through.  Furtherinvestigation is needed into the suicide rate in Pakistan.  Generally,we do not discuss any issues.  But especially in the context of theCovid 19 pandemic, it needs to be addressed.

  2.  Implementation on SOPs
              The government needs to work harder to convince people that vaccination is necessary and to implement SOPs that have apparently been abandoned altogether.  People had already decided that the epidemic was over.  Many of them did not believe it before.

  3.Needed Counselling

  It seems that Pakistan likes to live in an imaginary bubble, which is free from covid 19, free from hunger and free from anxiety like panic, which affects the people.  For example, there is no counseling available for people who have lost lives due to covid 19 or, in many cases, even to people who have had the disease themselves.  Except for some of these well-known private hospitals in the country, which are certainly accessible only to the rich.

4.Decreased hunger

  We need to take an in-depth look at the extent to which covid 19 has increased hunger and the factors that cause it.  The range of this hunger is wide.  It can be seen in every neighborhood where people complained of inflation and could not buy enough food to feed their children.  Poor women everywhere talk of hunger because they do not like to eat themselves so that their children and husbands can be fed.

5.Removed people’s worries 

  This is a disaster.  There is no point in saying that Covid 19 has miraculously saved Pakistan or we do not need to take action against it.  Countries such as Sweden and Brazil have already experienced the question of herd protection.  It ended in failure.  We need to stop people’s worries, we need to end suicides, and to do that we need to eradicate the pandemic of covid 19 by vaccinating our entire population, threatening their income and  Regardless of their access to medical care or the vaccine itself.

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