The United States has thrown “my peace” into the Afghan peace process

Last Round of USA, intera-Afghan Negotiation 

The United States, a recent permanent promoter of peace talks in Doha, is now working to end stalled intera-Afghan talks.  With a seemingly complete peace process to end the defeat, US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has arranged a new game plan to keep hopes of reconciliation alive.  The eight-page document envisions an interim governance structure that could potentially pave the way for a permanent arrangement of power-sharing between the Afghan political elite and the senior Taliban leadership.  To thwart diplomatic efforts, the United States has proposed a US-sponsored conference in Turkey.  The United States is expected to include representatives from Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and India, with Afghan government-led and Taliban delegations discussing their differences.

USA Given A Plan to Afghan Government 

    The US-led plan outlines a “participatory government in Islamic rule” that works until a new or amended constitution is drafted to change the existing legal framework.  Ceasefire, while in the foreground, is not a precondition.  The document outlines the sharing of responsibilities between warring factions in government branches.  The far-reaching document provides for commissions dedicated to covering Islamic issues, and managing various problem areas, including the return and welfare of refugees, but not human rights.

Bonn like Conference held in Turkey for Taliban Route

    This aspect of the non-lying state is the belief that it is possible to establish an Afghan state similar to 2001 for the establishment of an international conference like the one in 2001.  Hopefully, this approach lacks practicality.  The context is very different now.  The conference, held in the context of the Taliban’s path, took place in the absence of the Afghan state.  Today, there is an elected constitutional government that will be changed.  Taliban mutiny hasendangered to employ its own form of government.  We also forget that the Bonn Conference was designed for the winners only and that it cannot succeed if the joint efforts of the United States, Russia, and Iran fail to reach an agreement between the various Afghan parties.  But the international goodwill about Afghanistan that existed two decades ago is not far off, and now all its neighbors are working on their hedging strategy.  Above all, there is no evidence that if the talks have been relocated from Doha, it would be more beneficial for the Taliban to compromise on key issues.  Since the time of the devastated Buddhists, the Taliban have been resisting international pressure in pursuit of their goals.

No Permanent Solution of intern Government in Afghanistan 

    However, the steps proposed by the United States to form a federal government may be scrapped.  President Ashraf Ghani has already faced rejection of this important step, insisting that only elections can lead to a transfer of power.  The senior Taliban command itself has expressed skepticism, and some countries are reluctant to do so.  The failure of this new initiative, which aims to cover the withdrawal or delay of US troops, will only complicate a difficult decision.

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