Study at college in the USA from the UK

Study at college in the USA from the UK Studying in the USA, you will have the pick of thousands of institutions and degree programs, also because of the opportunity to broaden your cultural horizons by experiencing American campus life. You’ll also give your CV a lift by getting involved within the numerous clubs and … Read more

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Tomato and Colgate

Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy is very beneficial because it provides your baby with essential nutrients. Nutritionists are currently talking about three things that should be part of a woman’s diet during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at three of the best foods that experts consider essential for pregnant women. Three types of best … Read more

najiba faiz wedding purpose

Famous Afghan singer Javed Amirkhail visited Pakistan a few days ago where he met Najiba Faiz. Najiba Faiz, who left Afghanistan a few months ago and moved to Pakistan, is now working there. Javed Amirkhail left for Pakistan a few days ago, where he was greeted by Naeem Khan Tori, a famous singer from Kozai … Read more

Pashto New Dance In Making Saene Video

1: You are responsible for your own happiness. Most people think that the path to happiness and success is influenced by the outside world and that you do not have complete control over your future. Confield says you are one hundred percent responsible for your own success or failure. Those who blame others around them … Read more

Rehman Best Direction Skills In Song Making

Keep your mind focused The first way to memorize is to pay attention. So that you can better store information in memory. We should try to clear the attention-grabbing objects around us, so that our attention is not diverted. ۲ـ Repeat more Repetition helps us to learn better, but more important is to take definite … Read more

Pashto movie-making hot scene..besharm society

Generally, new flagship phones are introduced by different companies every month in the world, which makes it difficult to choose from. Dozens of smart phones were introduced in the 5th year, which made it difficult to choose the best mobile phones. Yes, but the mobiles of the following companies with the best features are more … Read more

How to Use this internet Package

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy for users by sending notifications via message to Android and iOS users. The most important thing about this policy is that if the WhatsApp user does not accept the new policy, it is possible for WhatsApp to lose its account. What is new and important in the new … Read more