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Pomegranate peels are an anthelmintic and anti-diarrhea remedy. Pomegranates are a diuretic and thirst quencher. If eaten after a meal, it can brighten the complexion.

For those who are thin, eating pomegranates has the same benefits. Of course, sweet pomegranates are not good for those who have stomach ulcers.

Sweet pomegranate is anti-cough and prevents bad breath.

Pomegranate is cold and strengthens the stomach and liver. Pomegranate jam increases weight as well as anti-constipation, those who are interested in eating dust should eat pomegranate jam.

To get rid of the simple secretions of women, boil pomegranate flower and drink two glasses of it every morning. People with hemorrhoids should peel a pomegranate and soak it for half an hour.

Those who are deficient should drink pomegranate leaves in the form of tea.

For dry cough or chest pain, put a few drops of sweet almond oil on the pomegranate head. Put it on the fire so that the oil is well absorbed and then eat it.

Mothers who want to have beautiful children should eat more pomegranate during pregnancy.

Pomegranate is a good fruit for diabetics as well as a medicine for addicts as it purifies the blood.

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