Recover Phone Date very Easly ; New facilities have been added to Telegram

According to reports; Telegram’s voice chat capabilities are very similar to the Discord voice channel channel, and voice chat facilities are now enabled for the chat group admin in Telegram.

Once this feature is activated, chat group members can turn on or off voice chat whenever they want.

The Telegram Edit section has also been updated and now Android users can edit images, post stickers on images or draw sketches on images. Additionally, iOS users can edit the received image and send it back to the image owner or image sender. Leave the mobile main memory a bit free.

ISO users can also ask Siri to read new messages by monitoring the message path and activating the Telegram section.

Telegram users can then request new features in the app and report problems and issues with the program. There is also the possibility that other users of the app may comment on or like the reports. This way other users can announce their support for the ideas offered or give more feedback on the suggestions.

Earlier, Telegram founder Pavel Durov wrote in his blog that Telegram would become a revenue-earning app in the next five years as new features were added to Telegram.

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